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In cases when training is cancelled the schools will be notified so the message can be announced to the students. There will also be a club wide email sent out and  it will be posted on this sites homepage


KSC has a ZERO tolerance policy regarding the interaction between the coaches and Referees.

1st Game of the Day / Last Game

If you have the first home game of the day, you must setup the field. This means all corner flags MUST be brought from Stonybrook bin and and placed on the field that you are playing at. Goals also MUST be anchored to the ground with J stakes . All equipment needed for 1ST GAME will be in the Stonybrook bin.

If you are the last game of the day, you must return all corner flags back to the Stonybrook bin and make sure the field is clean (no water bottles equipment or garbage)


Please drive slowly when entering driveway to the Croatian Highlands fields.

Please reload

  • Game Card (see PDF below)

  • Stamped Copy of NJYSA Roster for proof of player and coach registration

  • Coach and Player cards (laminated)

  • Medical release forms for all players

  • Game fee(s) for Referee crew

  • Medical kit

  • Game ball (home team responsibility)

  • Mobile phone (in case of emergency)

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